Embrace on-time investigator site enrollment with Covance to drive protocol execution and efficiency.

Ensure the most robust clinical trial feasibility assessment possible with Covance and the powerful combination of clinical trial feasibility and clinical trial site selection processes, drug development expertise and investigator data matched to your trial design and disease characteristics. Your analysis includes:  

  • Country ranges, site performance estimates
  • Number of plausible sites by country
  • Expected enrollment rates
  • Sensitivity analysis

Superior expertise; Accurate trend analysis

Drive informed protocol/study decisions for the best chance of enrollment success.  Our feasibility analysis is conducted by drug development experts and leverage performance metrics from our investigator database that encompass:

  • Over 6000 protocols
  • More than 500 indications
  • 120,000 unique investigators with access to 10 million patient visits (8 years of data)

Deeper Insight into Study Start-Up Volatility

By utilizing objective historical country and site performance data from the investigator database, Covance can assess the range of actual site activation timelines by geographic region for specific therapeutic areas and/or indications.  Accurate site activation timeframes are invaluable when determining whether enrollment milestones have been reasonably estimated, or if an alternative geographic distribution of sites could benefit trial performance.