Covance's Electronic Data Capture (EDC) processes, technology and solutions dramatically transform your clinical trial's performance.

Experience the Covance difference

  • Breadth & depth of EDC know-how: Covance leads with both internal and external industry-leading EDC experts combining years of experience and countless trials across all trial phases and therapeutic areas. Whether your needs are for complex global trials or small scale projects, use our experience to your benefit.
  • Versatile business processes: Our business processes and SOPs are designed to incorporate EDC best practices for maximum value. Incorporate Covance EDC solutions on your projects to increase quality and provide seamless efficiencies over every stage of development.
  • High quality, accredited technology solutions: Covance team members are fully accredited with tools of preferred EDC providers. Their technology sets industry benchmarks and you can be confident your Covance development team is vetted to use the most efficient processes and technology possible for timely clinical trial results.

EDC services:

  • Study build
  • Data management
  • Site monitoring
  • Site training
  • Clinical protocol support

Efficient and fully integrated data sharing

Covance's EDC solutions allow efficient sharing of critical trial data across multiple other Covance units including central laboratory and interactive voice/web response platforms.