Ensuring the smooth and efficient execution of your study

After a study is awarded to Covance, a team of experts comes together under the guidance of a Project Manager who efficiently and effectively delivers your study milestones on target and on time. Covance Project Managers and support team are selected to ensure a "best fit" with your team and unique study requirements.  Project Managers ensure the team knows what needs to be done and when, keeping your study activities moving according to plan.  In addition, this dedicated project manager fosters proactive and routine communication with you, providing confidence that each aspect of your study is being handled effectively and efficiently.

Low Turnover

A unique factor for Covance project management is a low turnover rate - lower than the industry average.  High turnover can result in the loss of valuable experience, knowledge, and skill sets.  Greater team experience means more service consistency and the ability to proactively manage issues before they can impact your study.  The depth and breadth of Covance project managers ensures capacity to accommodate numerous clinical trials of varying complexity at all times.