Our dedication to consistency is evident from the very beginning. Combining extensive automation with manual customization capabilities, our automated kit production facility delivers globally uniform specimen collection kits to assure consistent collection across all sites.

Consistency – assuring quality trial data

  • Standardized biopsy collection kits for consistent site-to-site specimen collection
  • Strict adherence by experienced in-house histotechnologists to SOPs for gross description
  • Special handling for specimens that will undergo immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), or nucleic acid preparation

Specimen integrity – protecting your valuable assets

  • Data records follow each specimen for a meticulous audit trail
  • Reduced exposure to excess fixatives

Collection and processing

  • Uniform sample collection kits
  • To reduce errors and increase global consistency
  • Superior logistics solutions
  • To mitigate risk of lost or damaged samples
  • In-house tissue processing
  • For sample integrity

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