Hematology processes high volumes of specimens with same day turnaround time for our clients.  There are five different areas in Hematology where the focus is on identifying cells in blood and urine specimens.

The first area is Hematology CBC where safety testing is completed on several complete blood count analyzers. 

The second area is Urinalysis, which is performed to help diagnose renal or urinary tract disease, and detect metabolic or systemic diseases unrelated to the kidney.  Urinalysis is performed on an automated instrument for both chemical and microscopic analysis to ensure swift turnaround times.

Area three is Flow Cytometry, which analyzes monoclonal antibodies and cell surface antigen reactions.  Flow Cytometry classifies human lymphocytes into their three major subpopulations - T cells, B cells and NK cells - based upon cell surface antigen combinations.  Covance clients receive a more specific lymphocyte classification due to our state-of-the-art eight color analysis platform. 

In the fourth area, HemoglobinA1c is tested to monitor diabetes mellitus.  HbA1c is the gold standard test for this monitoring, and Covance is an NGSP Level One certified laboratory.

The final area is PBMC's which may harbor any of several viruses during acute, persistent, latent or recrudescent infections.  By isolating PBMC's, we provide a means to detect the presence and expression of viral genomes which can help evaluate a drug's efficacy.  PBMC's also serve as a source of genomic DNA and other biomarkers that can be stored long term for analysis at a later date.