Automated Kit ProductionWe can’t overemphasize the need for consistency. That’s why we deploy the same advanced technologies according to the same exacting procedures regardless of where your specimens are processed, producing highly combinable results.

Within this framework of consistency, we are also able to offer a host of options:


Routine and nuclease-free services

  • Special handling of samples for genomics testing to eliminate contamination or degradation
  • Variety of nucleic acid purification services, including formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) DNA/RNA extraction

Tissue sectioned on a microtome-standardized processesSectioning of paraffin-embedded tissues or cell blocks using microtomes

  • Standard or customized thickness, depending on your protocol

Sections mounted on slides or captured in microcentrifuge tubes for downstream processing

  • Standard or positively charged glass slides and polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) slides for laser capture microdissection
  • Standard and nuclease-free microcentrifuge tubes

Specimen allocation

  • Stringent SOPs for consistent results
  • Nuclease-free services available to guard against cross-contamination
  • FFPE DNA/RNA isolation to meet specific study requirements

Other Anatomic Histology & Pathology Services:


Watch this video to learn more about our global automated kit production services.


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