Real people are depending on companies to make life-saving therapies a reality. To do so requires the rapid and cost-effective execution of your important clinical trials. Our global digital pathology solutions combine scientific and process expertise to speed trial enrollment through quicker and more accurate target lesion identification for inclusion/exclusion of study subjects. Our digital pathology services can deliver:

Consistent sample collection. Samples are collected using Covance’s investigator-preferred specimen kits.

Specimen security and integrity. Samples are shipped to one of our in-house locations—Indianapolis, USA, Geneva, Switzerland, or our newest anatomic pathology lab, in Singapore—where they are prepared andscanned using Aperio ScanScope® imagers. To overcome the regulations associated with specimens collected in China, Covance has established an agreement with the Beijing Cancer Hospital using the same validated technology. A dedicated server connects the institution to Covance to provide access to specimen images.

Shipping flow

Data consistency and accuracy. Samples are processed and target lesions are identified in a single location, reducing the cycle time by as much as 2 weeks with a potential cost reduction of up to 30%. And, because our process minimizes shipments, the risk of loss or damage is greatly mitigated. In-house target lesion identification by Covance CLS pathologists includes:

  • Image archiving and remote access with images available on disk
  • Determination of target lesion and total tissue surface area (mm2)
  • Determination of percentage of target lesion area compared to total tissue area
  • Estimated range of the cell counts

Secure remote access. Digital images are archived according to Covance’s exacting standards and remote access can be made available to the study sponsor or designated specialist reviewers.

Flexibility. Beyond the target lesion identification, tissue macrodissection can be performed for enrichment of the tissue of interest. Covance’s expert team of scientists can also perform other complex functions, including genomics and biomarker assays.

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Aperio ScanScope®

Our digital pathology service helps you make better decisions faster
The Aperio ScanScope® imaging system delivers digital slide images with superior image quality. In-house pathologists provide rapid, consistent target lesion identification. Remote image access is possible using the Aperio ImageScope® software module.


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