Delivering on-time data transfers more than 99% of the time

Covance's goal is to help you achieve your data locks and deliver your submissions on target and on time.  A global client-specific Data Management team consults with you to determine the best data format, transfer methods/frequency for your study.  Covance provides a variety of companion reports such as the compare report, duplicate data report, and key change report that allow you to better compare and track your data. 

Save time by accessing your data online with LabLink+

To provide you with 24/7 access to your study data, Covance pioneered data access through LabLink+, a web-based laboratory test monitoring and result reporting tool.  LabLink+ saves your study teams time by quickly and efficiently providing them with comprehensive study data.  Once your specimens arrive at a Covance laboratory, tracking through LabLink+, begins whether they are resulted and analyzed, or stored. Results are updated continually in near-real time.  LabLink+ offers six standard reports and the ability to create your own customized reports via the ad-hoc query builder. Because LabLink+ provides flexible options like the ability save your report criteria selections and the option to schedule reports to run automatically based upon a schedule you set, your report is available when and how you need it.

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