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Biopharmaceutical Services
Bioassay Services

Built on a track record of success, Covance delivers smooth bioassay development experience with hundreds of bioassays each year across all aspects of biopharmaceutical development including:

  • Batch release testing
  • Product characterization
  • Stability assessment
  • Candidate selection
  • Neutralizing antibody activity

Draw on Covance's wide range of experience with animal models, cell biology, molecular biology, statistics and protein analytical chemistry. You gain instant expertise for bioassay services in a variety of therapeutics and types of assay systems.

Rely on Covance's state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to support a wide variety of technologies. Covance has invested heavily into infrastructure to provide you with:

  • Controlled laboratory environment
  • Dedicated laboratory space for:
    • cell-based assays
    • fluorescence-activated cell sorting
    • electrochemiluminescence
    • luminescence
    • absorbance
    • time-resolved fluorescence
For More Information
View the brochurecase study, and the scientific lecture on Bioassay Design for Biological Product Development.
Biomanufacturing Support
Click here to learn more about Covance biomanufacturing support services.
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