Network Objects
Generic EnzymeGeneric kinaseProtein kinase
Lipid kinaseGeneric phosphataseProtein phosphatase
Lipid phosphataseGeneric phospholipaseGeneric protease
MetalloproteaseG-alphaRAS - superfamily
G beta/gammaRegulators (GDI, GAP, GEF)Generic channel
Ligand-gated channelVoltage-gated channelTransporter
ProteinGeneric binding proteinReceptor ligand
Cell membrane glycoproteinTranscription factorDNA
RNACompoundInorganic ion
Predicted metabolite or user's structureReactionGeneric receptor
GPCRReceptors with enzyme activityA complex or a group
Interactions Between Objects
Positive effectNegative effectUnspecified effect
Technical linkDisrupts in diseaseEmerges in disease
Enhances in diseaseWeakens in diseaseOrgansim specific interaction
BindingCleavageCovalent modifications
TransportCatalysisTranscription regulation
MicroRNA bindingCompetitionInfluence on expression
Unspecified interactionsPharmacological effectToxic effect
Group relationComplex subunitSimilarity reaction
Objects on Maps
Normal processPathological processMitochondria
ExtracellularNoteNormal process
Pathological processOrganism specific object
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