Covance provides biomarker bioanalytical support for method development, feasibility, transfer, validation and sample analysis with scientific and regulatory expertise.


  • Chromatographic: GC, UHPLC, HPLC
  • Mass spectrometric: LC-MS/MS, LC-MS, GC-MS
  • Organic synthesis: reference standards and stable-labeled internal standards with certificate of analysis


Covance provides biomarker immunochemistry support for assay development, qualification, and validation expertise for ELISA and ECL formats supporting preclinical and clinical studies.

  • MSD (electrochemiluminescence), offering singleplex and multiplexes for cytokines/chemokines, vascular and growth factors and cell signaling pathways.
  • Vitros ECiQ (electrochemiluminescence), offering metabolic cardiac, oncology, infection disease, and reproductive/ fertility biomarker screening
  • Access®2, offering cardiovascular, reproductive, bone metabolism and tumor biomarker screening


Depending on the needs of your biomarker program, Covance has the expertise and capabilities to provide you with a full solution or assist you with parts of your project.   The Covance/Caprion alliance, in conjunction with the Covance Biomarker Center of Excellence provides you with access to the highest level of drug development services, best-in-class technology platforms, and a panel of top scientists, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive, integrated biomarker capabilities in the industry.

At the preclinical level these services are integrated with Covance's discovery services, where in vivo pharmacology is conducted. Samples are analyzed using high-throughput multiplexed MRM assays to determine the panel of possible biomarkers. Upon determination of these markers our custom immunology group has the capabilities and expertise to develop ELISA based assays by producing antibody-based reagents of the desired affinity and sensitivity for large scale sample analysis and production runs.

General capabilities:

  • ELISA based assay development
  • Custom antibody development for large scale sample runs
  • Location: Denver PA
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