The Biomarker Center of Excellence (COE) provides a single point of contact for biomarker discovery capabilities within Covance.  Discovery is a key area of drug development in which biomarkers play an important role.  Key areas of capability include: Genomics, Proteomics, In vivo pharmacology, Molecular and Anatomical Imaging, ADME for drug discovery, Toxicology (non-GLP), Genetic and Molecular Toxicology, and Antibody Services.


Nonclinical drug development is a complex, regulatory driven process.  Its primary mission is to identify which drug candidates have the greatest probability of success, assess their safety and build a solid scientific foundation for later stages of development.   From a biomarker perspective, it's important to begin nonclinical development with a biomarker strategy.  A biomarker strategy results in clear data points and data which ideally can translate to clinical studies.  The Biomarker Center of Excellence can support your biomarker strategy with custom assay development and validation.  Through it's Pan Covance reach, the Center of Excellence can support for research use, non-GLP and GLP regulatory standards.    


Covance clinical capabilities include: Clinical Pharmacology, Laboratory Services, Analytical Services, Central Laboratory Services, and Clinical Trial Development Services.  With such a broad service offering in the clinical space, the Biomarker Center of Excellence can help in determining the best place to accomplish your biomarker goals.  An important aspect of working with the Biomarker Center of Excellence is the translation of nonclinical work to a clinical environment.  Scientists from the COE can work with your team on translation to clinical assay and assay development and validation.  The COE also works closely with Covance Central Laboratory Services to further translate assays to a production environment to support later phase global clinical trails.

Technology Platforms

Covance is constantly evaluating technology platforms and partnering with cutting edge instrument manufacturers to adopt a cost effective and technology driven service solution.  In addition to biomarker technology capability throughout Covance, the Biomarker Center of Excellence maintains technology platforms specific to biomarker assay development and validation.