1. Where do Covance shares of stock trade?
  Shares in Covance trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CVD.

2. Who is Covance' transfer agent?
  Computershare Investor Services, Two North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602.

You may report a change of address to Computershare Investor Services. The telephone number is 312-360-5270 or visit their website at www.computershare.com.

3. What is Covance's dividend policy?
  Covance has not declared any dividends on common shares. Covance does not have a dividend reinvestment plan.

4. Do any Wall Street securities analysts follow Covance stock?
  Yes. Click here to see Covance Analyst Information.

5. When will your release your next quarterly results?
  Click here to see Covance's earnings schedule.

6. I received Covance (CVD) stock as a result of Corning's December 31, 1996 stock spinoff. How should I recalculate my tax basis?

Your original basis in Corning shares should be prorated among Quest Diagnostics, Covance, and Corning based on the following allocation percentages:

Corning Incorporated Post spin 83.15%
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 4.19%
Covance Inc. 12.66%

Multiply your original tax basis of your Corning shares by the above percentages to derive your new basis for Corning as well as your tax basis in each of the three companies.

7. What is Covance's CUSIP number?
  Our CUSIP number is 222816-10-0.

8. How may I receive information on your company?
  Please fill out our Investor Relations Form and we will send you an Investor Packet.