New NDLEA Testing Method Goes On-line at Covance

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Madison, Wisconsin, October 24, 2005 — The new ISO International Standard to detect and quantify N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA) in personal care products is now available at Covance Inc. ( NYSE: CVD ), a leading provider of cGMP analytical services.

"Covance now supplies all the information and documentation about NDELA, enabling personal care product makers to confidently import into those markets where nitrosamine testing is required," says Tim Rhines, PhD, Associate Director of cGMP Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Covance offers the LC/MS/MS analytical chemistry method that specifically measures and detects NDELA to the European Union established tolerance of 50 micrograms/kilogram (ppb). Moreover, Covance supplies a faster, more efficient test. What took two days can now be executed in hours with greater accuracy.

Another benefit to personal care product makers is the introduction of total nitrosamine by GC/TEA, a new process that combines seven separate detection methods into one to capture all other nitrosamine. "Covance is one of only a few labs with this capability," add Rhines. "Total nitrosamine by GC/TEA will be more sensitive, and the bundling of the seven detection methods will make nitrosamine testing more cost effective."

Covance has a long history in testing and understanding nitrosamines. It developed the first AOAC method for testing unique N-nitrosamine compounds in the early 1970s, and has 15 years of experience supporting the personal care products industry through a wide range of cGMP analytical services.

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