Covance Introduces IVRS Express Services for Patient Enrollment, Randomization and Drug Supply Management
— Affordable, Fast Start-up Solutions Extend Automation to Small and Non-Complex Clinical Trials and Postmarketing Studies —

Princeton, New Jersey, April 10, 2006 — Covance (NYSE: CVD) today announced the availability of the Covance Express SuiteSM of Interactive Voice Response Services (IVRS) — affordable, fast start-up IVRS solutions for small, non-complex clinical trials. The Express Suite comprises pre-configured solutions to address the most common patient enrollment, randomization, and drug supply management needs of biopharmaceutical firms sponsoring trials and studies where automated methods have not previously been a viable or cost-effective option. The Express Suite provides sponsors with a study-wide view of patient and drug supply activity enabling them to monitor progress, anticipate problems, and take preventive actions before they occur.

"Small and non-complex clinical studies are frequently burdened with error-prone manual processes, and unfortunately electronic data capture — with hand-held devices or even traditional interactive voice response technology — has been seen as too expensive, too complex and difficult to get off the ground," said Jim Denmark, General Manager of Covance IVRS. "With the Express Suite, Covance is delivering the best of all worlds — a fast start-up, affordable, off-the-shelf solution, with the benefit of automated data capture, analysis, and reporting, all backed by Covance's extensive clinical expertise."

From a patient enrollment and drug supply management perspective, clinical trials and postmarketing studies may be characterized by the number of investigator sites, geographic reach, and duration. The Express Suite provides an ideal solution for trials or studies with less than fifty investigator sites, up to five drug supply depots/geographies, and an expected duration of up to two years.

The Express Suite leverages Covance's proven interactive voice response technology. Express Suite solutions for patient enrollment, randomization and drug supply management can be assembled quickly from production proven, reusable modules. Because custom programming is not required, the implementation process is much faster than for custom-built systems, and sponsors can soon begin realizing the benefits of an automated solution.

About Covance Interactive Voice Response Services
Covance Interactive Voice Response Services, a unit of the Covance Late Stage Development Services business, helps biopharmaceuctical clients automate key study activities and manage drug supply for their clinical trials and postmarketing studies. Beginning in 1989, Covance was the first company to apply interactive voice response technology to pharmaceutical clinical research, and has successfully implemented hundreds of patient enrollment, drug supply management and patient diary solutions in dozens of languages involving thousands of patients in countries around the world. Covance IVRS solutions range from highly complex, customized study designs to the Express Suite of affordable, fast start-up solutions for small and non-complex clinical trials.

About Covance
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