Healthcare Commercialization Services

Helping you improve patient health by facilitating access to medical innovations.

Create your Own Success.

  • Transform data into actionable insights, revealing opportunities to better build product value

  • Improve access and reimbursement as your product enters the most appropriate markets for you

Covance team members working on your healthcare commercialization plan.
Your Needs

Your product is about to meet the real world.

When you have the complete perspective, you discover new ways to tell and sell your story to the right decision-makers. You operate in a much different climate than even a few years ago. There’s more competition and a growing industry trend to demonstrate the value of your product in the real world. We combine scientific rigor with proven value identification and communication  skills to prepare your product for the  marketplace, maximizing your product’s commercial potential.

Focusing on your patients and providers.

Unobstructed access to your therapy requires a clear path. But it’s not that simple.  A variety of issues create roadblocks and challenges. Patients regularly experience concerns about cost, reimbursement problems, medical questions, and even their ability to start and commit to the therapy.  Are you fully prepared to address these barriers? Our experienced reimbursement specialists can educate customers about your product and resolve reimbursement and other issues to avoid challenges with limited access.

The art and science of adherence.

You provide educational materials.  Make reminder calls.  Offer financial assistance and clinical education.  Yet patients are not taking their treatment as it was prescribed, or as long as they need it.  What more can you do? We believe that your program needs to address underlying psychological barriers such as fear of side effects or poor self-efficacy.  Our approach includes several components tailored to the particular product and patient population.

The right markets. For you.

Covance understands this new landscape and delivers the specific solutions your product needs, no matter if you are a large biopharmaceutical, start-up or device manufacturer.