Central Laboratory Services

You’ll benefit from global consistency, industry-leading experience and quality processes designed to minimize risks as we partner to execute your trial.

Together, We Can Partner on Clinical Testing Solutions.

  • We helped develop two-thirds of the 27 new medicines approved by FDA in 2013

  • Over 98% reportable tests

  • More than 99% of data packages delivered on time

Delayed drug approval can cost more than $600k a day.
Learn how our uniquely automated testing solutions save time and money for your clinical trials.
Your Needs

It’s not the number or location of labs — it’s better data that makes all the difference.

In a perfect world, all your global specimens would be tested on the same instrument by the same technologist, testing at one single point in time, using the same reagents. But that’s not practical. While we have five central labs, strategically located around the globe, it’s the uniformity of our labs that sets us apart.

We utilize as few labs as necessary to ensure optimal process control, while still providing complete global coverage. Tighter controls give you greater confidence when delivering your trials’ most precious asset — quality data.

Our experts guide you, supporting all of your assay or biomarker needs.

We’re scientists helping scientists. Our scientific and clinical experts offer guidance for the duration of your study. Over the past five years, we’ve conducted more than 4,400 trials across all clinical trial phases. We deliver the experience you need from efficiency through high volume safety testing to very specialized biomarker testing.

We partner with you to avoid costly delays in delivering your data.

Whether it’s specimen delivery logistics, natural disasters, or even political upheaval, a number of factors can impact the timely delivery of your data.

We have the right processes and service experience to deliver high-quality data faster. That’s how we get to 99.6% on time file transfers across all our studies. At Covance, we plan for the things we can’t predict, so you don’t have to.

Our Capabilities

Providing the most extensive array of testing services.

We maintain five central laboratory facilities in the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and China (Shanghai) that employ the highest level of control to minimize variability and enhance data quality. Each facility uses the same methods, robust processes and supplies. As a result, you get the most consistent and combinable data.

While Covance is a high volume clinical trial testing laboratory, offering more than 550 assays, we also offer you the flexibility and scalability to develop, validate and provide very specialized and esoteric assays. Our team continuously evaluates and validates new testing services.