Radiosynthesis Services

We partner with you on everything from 14C compound synthesis to analysis, product formulation and regulatory documentation to advance your molecule.

A Label You Can Trust.

  • A partner with over 20 years of expertise in radiosynthesis gets you valuable insights

  • Five synthesis labs, four analytical labs and a manufacturing suite

  • GMP synthesis of 14C─labeled compounds for human AME studies

Lab equipment used in Covance's radiosynthesis services.
Your Needs

Radiosynthesis services gets more value from your compound.

Radiosynthesis is not easy. But, when you have a trusted and experienced partner, you’ll secure a real competitive advantage as your molecule advances into human AME and radiolabeled nonclinical studies.

The science and art of radiolabeling demystified.

14C Radiolabelling is a challenging specialty that you may not have in-house. We’re pleased to offer a knowledgeable isotope chemistry team to guide you through this challenging process. We’re adept at the science (and art) of radiolabelling, so you can have the confidence that your path forward is the correct one.

Experience + Integration = Trust

Our highly trained, in-house team has more than 20 years of experience in synthetic radiochemistry, route development and precursor synthesis. What’s more, we work seamlessly with our global DMPK team to provide an integrated package for radiolabelled ADME studies, giving you the insights you need to move forward.

Our Capabilities
  • Synthesis of 14C-labeled compounds
  • Handling of 14C gases & volatiles
  • GMP synthesis of 14C-labeled compounds for human ADME
  • Synthesis of metabolites, degradants & process impurities
  • Synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds
  • Route development & precursor synthesis
  • Analytical services, including method development & more
  • Manufacturing of capsule products & more