Inflammation Drug Development

We partner with you to treat inflammation as an interconnected field of indications with an integrated medical, operational and commercial approach.

Multiple Indications. A Fundamental Approach.

  • Experience with 14 of the 15 top IMID drugs

  • Over 470 IMID clinical trials in the past five years

  • A broad, well-coordinated platform of services

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Your Needs

You need a partner that sees inflammation for what it truly is.

It starts with a more holistic understanding of inflammatory dysregulation across organs and systems. Instead of looking at organ-based symptom relief, we look at the imbalance between immune activation and control. In doing so, it is possible to target disease modification instead of symptom alleviation. This has tremendous implications further downstream, where over 80 chronic IMIDs share similar molecular pathways.

Inflammation at Covance

Faster inflammation drug development through innovation and scientific expertise.

Inflammation has a good return on investment (ROI), where one compound may be re-tested for multiple immune mediated inflammatory diseases. Strong clinical and pre-clinical expertise helps to identify novel agents (biologicals, biosimilars and stem cells) for the treatment of multiple inflammatory diseases that share common pathways. See if you can benefit from “one stop shopping” to screen novel targets in multiple inflammatory diseases to make rapid decisions. 

High quality data, no matter where you test.

To support your global study plan, you need a partner with deep inflammation and pharmacology expertise and a smart central lab footprint. Our quality end-to-end sample management and identical testing practices ensure the most uniformity in the least amount of time. This will get you the high quality, combinable data you need to accelerate regulatory approval and improve the most lives.

Our Integrated Services

Enabling IMID opportunities however you want.

No other partner has the depth of inflammation drug development experience, combined with a globally integrated network of testing services. When you round it out with innovative commercialization consulting solutions, there’s a clear benefit to engaging us early and often for any number of inflammation-related activities.