Xcellerate® Clinical Trial Optimization® - Clinical Informatics

Make data-driven decisions and reshape your trials with integrated clinical informatics.

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Powerful Insights. Expanded Capabilities.

  • Lower risk and improve your trial control

    Single, integrated platform with components designed to work together seamlessly to optimize your trial.
  • Leverage proprietary data from the world’s largest knowledgebase of clinical trial information

  • Seamlessly optimize your trial with one single, integrated suite


Get ready to fully support all aspects of your clinical trial – from trial design and site selection to risk-based monitoring. With powerful, integrated analytics of the Xcellerate® Informatics Suite, you’ll use real-world evidence to make smarter decisions throughout the course of your studies. Let’s reduce the cost, time and complexity associated with clinical trials so that you can take action, lower risk and drive faster results.

Enable the best possible trial performance with a proven clinical informatics solution.

Streamlined capabilities to fully support your clinical trial design and monitoring.



Xcellerate® Trial Design enables you to make more predictive choices to identify the most optimal sites and investigators by drawing on the world's largest proprietary clinical trial knowledge base.

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Xcellerate® Trial Management unites critical data systems to view, track and report crucial performance metrics across countries, studies and sites in near real time using best-in-practice industry and proprietary tools.

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Xcellerate® Monitoring allows you to proactively identify and mitigate risks by monitoring your medical, statistical and operational data to keep your trial on track. Available within our suite or as software as a service.

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Xcellerate® Insights offers clients a single, integrated gateway for 24/7 visibility of study data with actionable dashboards and reports of key performance indicators.

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Advanced data integration, clinical informatics and operational expertise for Clinical Trial Optimization®.