By Phase

It takes a range of solutions to move a drug from discovery to commercialization. We can work with you at every stage — and across every stage — to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. To learn what we offer for your phase of development, choose one of the solutions below.

Companion Diagnostics

Bring personalized therapies to market, faster

Complete PoC™

Align your clinical and economic PoC to maximize the value of your molecule

Demonstrating your Product Value

Maximize your product and company value by turning data into a supported value proposition

Covance MarketPlace

Find the right partner with the desire and resources to help you realize your molecule’s potential.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Proactively identify, prevent and manage risks to drive higher quality data from your study


Make data-driven decisions to speed your trial and increase quality

Life Cycle Management

Realize your molecule’s full market potential